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Compendium of Ex-servicemen Benefits

Kendriya Sainik Board

Kendriya Sainik Board has provided a host of information on various issues involved with the welfare and benefit of the ex-servicemen. As an initiative to make this webpage more informative, appended below is a compendium of all the available benefits for our surfers' consumption.

Guide Book
Download the Guide Book 2010 from the following link.

  • Guide Book - 2010 : Information on the facilities available for ESM (2.94 MB)

  • Sainik Rest Houses
    Download the list of Sainik Rest Houses from the following link.

  • Sainik Rest Houses (363 KB)

  • Compendium of Policy Letters
    Download the Compendium of Policy Letters from the following link.

  • Compendium of Policy Letters 2011 (39.62 MB)

  • Senior Citizen Institute

    A major project for accommodating senior citizens of the Air Force is being established in the vicinity of AF Station Tughlakabad. The accommodation will be allocated for permanent occupation of the senior citizens. Remaining accommodation can be used for both retired and serving personnel and their families. The Institute will consist of 31 rooms each for Officers and Airmen and will have the following :-

    (a) Clinic
    (b) Dispensary and MI Room
    (c) Library
    (d) Lounge
    (e) Messing facilities
    (f) Bar

    The Institute will be registered under Societies Registration Act and function under the overall guidance of AOA. All retired personnel above 65 years of age are eligible to become member and there is no age restriction for spouse. Officers and airmen who join this Institute will pay Rs.1 lakh and Rs.50,000 respectively as deposit which is refundable at the time of vacation. All rooms are meant to be double bedded and rentals of which will be decided later. If a member wants to stay alone, he will have to pay full rent.


    Dwelling Units for Widows

    In order to alleviate the sufferings of the widows of serving personnel killed in accidents, a scheme has been worked out whereby the widow would be provided with a shelter in arrangement with AFNHB. A subsidy of Rs. 1 lakh for Airmen/NCs(E) and Rs.1.5 lakh for Officers will be granted from the Air Force welfare for this purpose. This subsidy will be contributed by AFGIS, IAFBA, Command Welfare Fund, AFWWA in the ratio of 60:20:10:10 respectively.


    Policy on Admission to Hostel

    Admission to AF hostel will be controlled by the Management committee through Officer in charge hostel. The children of Air Force personnel (serving or died in harness ) studying in any local recognised school in class VI and above are eligible to stay in the hostel. Admission to boys of retired AF personnel is also open subject to availability of seats. Admission will be given based on seniority of registration.

    Sky diving


    Hand Gliding


    Basic Mountaineering Course

    Advance Mountaineering Course


    Rock Climbing

    Himalayan Motor Cycle Expedition

    Cycling Expedition


    Car Rally

    Sailing Expedition


    Wind Surfing

    Water Sports


    Adventure Activities

    This Directorate of adventure has been making steady progress in making following adventure activities broad based and providing opportunity for more AF personnel and their families to utilise these activities.

    Air Force Adventure cell has got lot many National and International records to its credit.

    To know about   AKASH GANGA Skydiving Team of IAF.


    Handicapped Children

    Computerised database of all personnel having handicapped children has been made. Based on the type of handicap personnel have been categorised and suitable places for their posting identified. The same has been forwarded to AFRO and DPO.


    Financial Assistance for Medical Treatment

    All Ex-Servicemen suffering from serious disease are given financial assistance for treatment in civil hospital by Kendriya Sainik Board(KSB), in case they cannot be treated in military hospital and have not availed similar assistance from other sources.

    By-Pass Surgery

    60% of the authorised Exp



    Kidney/Renal transplantation


    Cancer/Spastic Paraplegic


    Coronary Artery Surgery/Angioplasty


    Open Heart surgery valve replacement


    Pace-maker implant




    (restricted to Rs 75,000 only)

    Some Ex-Servicemen were finding it difficult to raise the initial amount, which they are required to pay the civil hospital for their treatment and 60% of which is subsequently reimbursed to them by the KSB. To overcome this difficulty, KSB has tied up with some civil hospitals wherein 60% of the expenditure incurred by the eligible Ex-Servicemen/dependents for treatment of serious diseases in these hospitals, will henceforth be claimed by them directly from KSB and the individual will have to pay the balance amount only for their treatment.


    Admission for Biological/ Legal Grand Children of superannuated and serving Air Warriors in all AF Schools

    Admission for Biological / Legal Grand Children of superannuated and serving Air Warriors will be carried out in all AF Schools as per the priorities in accordance with the laid down guidelines. If seats are available after all children of Air Warriors are admitted, higher priority may be given to such children by the respective SMC subject to laid down Govt orders on the subject. However, these children would pay fees as per NAF category.

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